Alternative Supply Chain

Just because the OEM no longer manufactures it, doesn’t mean it no longer exists. We offer alternatives when manufacturing capability is lost because Engineering services are built-in to each and every repair.

In situations where something is too old or damaged to repair, an equivalent part can be sourced for you. TerraNova’s mission is to source a part that is working, even if it is not the same part that was originally sent. We know it is often more affordable to find it, than to fix it. And because we known where to look, you will see your costs drive down.

TerraNova adds value right at the forefront of product development by saving you the time you would have spent trying to source in the market. We always build to spec and engineer replacement parts, but if that fails, rest-assured that we provide alternatives to make the design even better. Choose a R&O partner who integrates more options into the process – and benefit from lower scrap rate, better quality repairs, faster repairs, lower cost, and more consistency.

Let us dig into that fox hole, while you keep your eyes on the terrain.

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