Repair & Overhaul

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Extend the life of your circuit card assemblies (CCA) by diagnosing the issue first. Our engineering will evaluate where the issue lies and determine what is required to make the most efficient, sustainable repair. This is the process that saves you money.


We engineer repair solutions with attention to detail that is often overlooked by our competitors. Looking at issues from different angles is where we excel.

– Circuit card level debug is our strength in repair engineering
– All circuit cards, frames and bays are tested for continuity, bit error, loop back, power in/out
– Tracking of releases & serial numbers


Break-fix isn’t a strategy, it’s a tactic. We pride ourselves in reengineering what doesn’t work – which brings us to the core of the issue. Put those Band-Aid solutions aside and increase the longevity of your network.

– Upgrades offered; class A, B, C changes
– OEM-quality repair / refurbishment
– Component Reengineering, Engineering upgrades

Discover how TerraNova optimizes R&O

Repair & Overhaul would not be complete without these value-added services:

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