System Integration & Rack Build

System integration is the process of bringing together component sub-systems into one system.

As a build-to-print service provider, we take those mundane tasks off your hands so that you can focus on proprietary products. Missing the specs?

Our reverse-engineer capabilities allow us to deconstruct your product and develop the specs.

And just like an IKEA unit delivered in a box (with all the right parts!) unless rack-building is something your team does everyday, chances are that you will be left with 2 extra screws and blisters from that Allen key. We don’t build bookshelves, but we do build military grade, high complexity systems.

Let us do your system integration. It streamlines processes, reduces costs, and allows you to redirect your resources and increase efficiency.

TerraNova enables Capability through Connectivity following this process:

  1. Racking & assembly – assigns a dedicated functionality for each rack, including: data storage, RF communications, encryption, intercom
  2. Engineering & configuration – ensures the units are reinforced, sealed and ruggedized for harsh environments. Includes: power supplies, cooling, fan unit, power distribution, processing or active equipment.
  3. Interconnecting the shelves – strategically interconnected and located for redundancy
  4. Testing & delivering as a functional unit – interoptability between systems is not optional in harsh environments

Discover how TerraNova excels at System Integration & Rack Build

System Integration & Rack Build would not be complete without these value-added services:

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