Take the mundane out of your costs and focus on your core business

Our team of skilled technicians and assemblers allows you to allocate your resources more efficiently. This critical first step allows you to take your next steps more strategically.

TerraNova’s assembly process is similar to the Ikea model (without the Allen key)

  1. Cut and Strip

  2. Kitting

  3. Tool Calibration

  4. Assembly

  5. Heat Shrink

  6. Labels

  7. Continuity Testing

  8. Functional Testing

  9. Final Inspection

  10. Pack and Ship

Our flexibility means that changes in quantities or alternatives does not slow down the assembly. Small runs make it possible to customize based on your needs. Low volume / high mix is where we excel.

A full-service location for engineering, repair, and manufacturing in the heart of the nation’s capital, is the TerraNova center for Military business assembly services. Outsource your assembly, save on labor, and focus on what matters most to your customer.


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