We thrive on finding solutions to even the most complex engineering problems.

Reverse Engineering

Lack of documentation never stops us from identifying the root of a problem and delivering the best repair and overhaul solution.

Through Reverse Engineering analysis, failure modes and the parts responsible for these failures are identified. Sometimes the only way to find a repair solution is to reverse engineer what is currently available, and understand how it works – to create the unavailable.

Obsolescence Engineering

Availability of the problem component should never stop you from moving forward.

Once we’ve identified the component that is broken or faulty, we will source it for you, or identify a modern day equivalent of that part. Our value added is the integration of that compatible part and achieve Fit Form and Function to make it perform optimally on the original card, even with a smaller footprint.

Forward Engineering

Repeatable repair solutions are like peacekeeping missions to your scrap rate

TerraNova builds test systems and repair processes that support you into the future. Understanding how a card works, what typically breaks, and how to fix it efficiently - is unique to TerraNova. Ensuring the part is available to you as a go-forward, is our standard of excellence

Test Engineering

Repetitive interrogation disarms the enemy.

Through the use of Boundary Scan, we take control of the card and tap into its own diagnostic capability. Our expertise allows us to develop tailored test programs that interrogate cards, from 80% to 100% of the components. Once your test set is built, it allows for repeatable, fast, accurate, and consistent results. This is just another way TerraNova tests quickly; to repair quickly.

Manufacture Engineering

A properly spec’d BOM, Build Instructions, and Test Capabilities always delivers the intended result

Through prototyping, the end product is validated by means of First Article Inspection which ensures that the solution is functional and manufacturable. This saves our clients time and money on potential building issues.

Have your Engineering team contact ours - inquire about Manufacturing Alternatives.

Can your parts be sourced in a time-efficient manner?Manufacturing Alternatives provide you better, more cost-effective solutions for the BOM when there is a deviation from the original design. The same configuration and specs means we will help you find new manufacturing efficiencies that are built into the design.

Is something deemed unrepairable?Alternative Supply Chain provides another approach to sourcing a workable unit so that your sparing capability is maintained.

TerraNova provides alternatives, while securing the integrity between design and engineering.


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