Launching our brand forward

Terra Nova has evolved over the years and with it, comes a new brand identity.

Founded in 2002, Terra Nova exclusively supplied Curtis Wright. It hovered over the same airspace for several years until 2016, when it was acquired by Renaissance. Renaissance had its share of experience with the support of aging infrastructure within the Telecom industry.

That’s when a critical opportunity gap was identified. The military was suffering from the same aging infrastructure dilemma, so who could provide them after warranty support?

With significant infrastructure – still perfectly good – just in need of repair services, cable manufacturing, and at times a well – engineered obsolescent solution, TN was the answer. The gap identified was accurate. The functionality of mission – critical assets is very similar to telecom.

Since then, Terra Nova expanded to include all four aspects of the military: land, air, sea, and coastguard.

COVID hit and all markets went stagnant. Circumstances changed. New policies emerged including the Government of Canada’s new policy to award an increasing number of federal contracts to Indigenous businesses. This time, it was Terra Nova’s Indigenous roots that propelled the company’s further expansion.

Greater presence was warranted. With a full service location in our nation’s capital, Terra Nova also needed its own digital base of operations.

Terra Nova brings 20/20 foresight to the military industry because it has had boots on the ground for decades. The same clarity we bring to our customers was needed for our own brand and this is our relaunch story.

Terra Nova, Solutions Rewired

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