We are your first line of defense

Bridging the gap
to your next design

When it comes to military and defense, you can never have too much certainty.
TerraNova understands this.

We are a full-service Canadian Indigenous Minority facility that engineers repair solutions for legacy technology deployed by the Military and Defense sector. Our multidisciplinary team repairs, engineers, redesigns, assembles and tests integration systems used across land, sea, air and coastguard fleets.

Protect your best assets by mitigating risk.

Reduce your liability


TerraNova brings certainty – even in the most uncertain

The Department of National defense (DND) and Integrators come to us with supply chain problems of on-time delivery, large unrepairable rates, budgetary provisions, and complexities that jeopardize promises made.

Our Engineering-centric team ensures that R&O is always cheaper, higher quality, more consistent and efficient.
Our customers say that is an investment that always pays off.

Partner with a company that allocates more resources to fix the root of the problem.
It’s our version of boots on ground.

We specialize in

We protect and defend lines of business by repairing
what other vendors deem unrepairable.

TerraNova provides a full-spectrum of hardware services including interconnect harnessing and cabling, strategic sourcing of legacy aftermarket components and products, retrofit, and overhaul remanufacture services.

We are known for building Engineering into every service.
Our customers benefit from cost savings, lower scrap rate, better quality repair, decreased lead times, on-time delivery.

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